Monday, 21 July 2008

Chinese in Britain (2007 BBC Radio 4)

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This is a radio programme first broadcast on Radio 4 in the UK by the BBC in 2007, consisting of ten 15min parts broadcast in the afternoon on each weekday over two weeks. This is a ground-breaking and important programme about the history of the largely unnoticed and little documented ethnic Chinese in the UK, who make up the third largest "visible" minority in the UK, after the Afro-Carribeans and (south) Asians.

This is the omnibus edition broadcast in 2008. The 10 parts have been edited into two 1 hour programmes, broadcast over two fridays.

More details and episode guide:

One mp3 file and one Real Audio file:
Dead link, 66MB
Alternative link, 66MB


Two mp3 files:
Download link: parts 1 to 5 (omnibus edition part 1), 40MB mp3 file
Download link: parts 6 to 10 (omnibus edition part 2), 30MB mp3 file
Dead link, 69MB

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