Monday, 21 July 2008

Han Gong Qiu Yue (Han palace autumn moon)

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This is the "Han4 Gong1 Qiu1 Yue4" from Guangdong Yinyue, not the solo erhu piece of the same name arranged by Jiang Fengzhi(蔣风之).

Hangong Qiuyue, gaohu:Yu Qiwei, and ensemble
This recording has a non-traditional accompiment to the gaohu solo. I mean "non-traditional" in the sense they are not all playing variations of the same tune together. Maybe because of this, the sound of the gaohu seems to stand out in front.

Han Gong Qiu Yue - huqin: Lu Wencheng, & unknown guzheng player
Lu Wencheng (吕文成 Lǚ Wénchéng) is the musician who "invented" the gaohu in the 1920s, the lead instrument in Guangdong Music, and the composer of many, many of the pieces in the reportoire. This is a transfer from LP to wav then compressed to mp3, I think the recording is from the 50s but I am not sure. This version is more densely played than Yu Qiwei's recording.

Skip the next bit if you don't play huqin:

Most Guangdong Music pieces including this one are played in the key of C (1=C), with the gaohu tuned to G, D. The open strings would be sol, re (5 with dot under, 2). The version by Yu Qiwei above is in this standard tuning. However this recording by Lu Wencheng as transfered from the LP has the key of approx G sharp or A flat (assuming A=440hz).

For the convenience of playing along with the recording without having to re-tune your instrument, I have slowed down the recording and the pitch has dropped about a semitone to 1=G (assuming A=440hz):

Han gong Qiu Yue - huqin: Lu Wencheng, & unknown guzheng player, lower in pitch and slowed
You can play along on the erhu in standard (gaohu) fingering (sol, re), or you can play along on the gaohu, yehu or zhonghu tuned to G, D, but with different fingering (open strings: do, sol).

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