Friday, 12 December 2008

Jiangnan Sizhu - "Sihe Ruyi (Bridge) " 1982 cassette tape

Jiangnan Sizhu "Silk and Bamboo Music of East China" - "Sihe Ruyi (Bridge) "
1982 cassette tape, China Records

A1. Si4 He2 Ru2 Yi4 (Qiao2), four together as you please, "bridge" is another name for this piece)
B1. Hua1 San1 Liu4 , decorated "three six"
B2. Man4 Liu4 Ban3, slow "six beats"

Dizi/xiao: Lu Chunling (陆春龄 lu4 chun1 ling2)
Erhu: Zhou Hao (周皓 zhou1 hao4)
Pipa: Ma Shenglong 马圣龙 (ma3 sheng4 long2)
Yangqin: Zhou Hui (周惠 zhou1 hui4)

Transferred rom cassette tape: Si4 He2 Ru2 Yi4 (Qiao2), Jiang1 Nan2 Si1 Zhu2, China Records HL-103 (1982)

These three are the longest and the least often performed pieces from the "eight great pieces" of Jiangnan sizhu. The first piece takes up the whole of side A of the casssette!

Link: 59MB, 130 variable bitrate mp3, inc cover and notes (in Chinese)

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