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"A Discovery in China" - BBC Radio 3 programme (June 1990)

This is a BBC Radio 3 (UK) programme on northern Chinese ceremonial music by village "music associations". Featuring wind-and-percussion music recorded in villages near Beijing. Also includes brief recording of music of elderly monks of Zhihua temple in Beijing.

Music recorded and programme notes by Stephen Jones.
Broadcast on Wednesday, 6 June 1990 at 5pm.
Running time: approx 28min.

Four types of melodic instruments:
"oboes" (I assume the guanzi or/and suona, both are double reed pipes), sheng (free reed wind), flutes, yunluo (set of small tuned gongs). The percussion instruments include drums, gongs and cymbals.

Music content
1. Excerpt from opening of wind-and-percussion ceremonial music suite.
2. Example of music played by the four types of melodic instruments.
3. Example of percussion suite recorded during the Spring Festival.
4. Example of a more popular form of wind-and-percussion music played by fee-earning ensemble.
5. Excerpt of recording of monks of Zhihua temple in Beijing.
6. Village music association's version of above piece.
7. Music sung in gongche (solfege).
8. Instrumental version of above.
9. Rest of the ceremonial music suite (1) heard as extract at the beginning of the programme.

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