Saturday, 15 August 2009

Moon Reflected in Er Spring 二泉映月 (original recording) by Hua Yanjun 华彥钧 aka Abing 阿炳

This is the original version of "èr quán yìng yuè" 二泉映月 (The Moon Reflected on Second Spring, aka Moon Reflected in Er Spring, Moon Reflected in Er Fountain, Moon Reflected in Erquan etc), composed and played by Huà Yànjūn 华彥钧 (Ābǐng 阿炳), recorded using a wire recorder in 1950: (6.4MB mp3)

Sheet music, in numerical/cipher notation (jianpu):
3 pages, in 3 jpeg image files, in zipped folder, 2.8MB
This is the original version as played by Hua Yanjun. The versions commonly heard in recordings by other erhu players are shorter. I have indicated this in the notation.

Other recordings
His two other erhu recordings, both also recorded in 1950, are:
Listening to the Pines - link: (2.4MB mp3)
The Cold Spring Wind (I don't have this)

Two erhu recordings plus two pipa pieces are in this zip file (16.7MB) containing:

4 mp3 files:
01. èr quán yìng yuè 二泉映月 The Moon Reflected on Second Spring (1950) - Huà Yànjūn 华彥钧 (Ābǐng 阿炳): erhu
02. tīng sōng 听松 Listening to the Pines (1950) - Huà Yànjūn 华彥钧 (Ābǐng 阿炳): erhu
03. dà làng táo shā 大浪淘沙 Great Waves Washing the Sand (1950) - Huà Yànjūn 华彥钧 (Ābǐng 阿炳): pipa
04. zhào jūn chū saì 昭君出塞 Zhaojun Crossing the Border (1950) - Huà Yànjūn 华彥钧 (Ābǐng 阿炳): pipa
plus text file of track listing and info


More info here:
The link seems to be dead at the moment, but the pages can found on the Wayback Machine.

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